Custom-Made Time-Frame

Program Schedule For Bespoke Orders
(2-3 Weeks / 15-21 Days)

Every custom made design is special and deserves as well as requires thorough attention for which we plan a program schedule.

5-Step Product Stages

Our Detailed Bespoke Process Has Various Stages Which Ensures
Quality And Perfection In The Product

Stage - 1


Define the design brief, ring size and other product details

Stage - 2

Design & Concepts: 2-3 Days 

Generate new ideas and concepts as per design brief; short list sketches and approve a design concept
Booking Amount : Rs.10,000/- Advance Deposit

Stage - 3

CAD Design & 3D Wax Piece Viewing & Quotation: 4-5 Days

Create computer aided design (CAD), showcasing top, right side, through finger and perspective view of the selected design for approval. Based on this we cast a 3D Wax Piece for viewing & trial. Up till this stage, the client can make alteration in the design. If the outcome is not what you like, we can change the design for free only once.

(2nd Payment) 

70% Advance Deposit of the Quotation (inclusive of Rs.10,000/- Booking Amount)

Stage - 4

Sourcing & Fabrication: 5-6 Days

Once design is approved, we fabricate the design in gold and source required diamonds & gemstones. Lost wax casting, diamond setting, filigree, polishing, finishing and engraving are part of the process.

Stage - 5

Finished Product Quality Assessment & Certifications: 5-6 Days 

Once finished, we do a thorough quality assessment before hallmarking and certification. Post this, we document its product journey and pack it in a beautiful packaging for shipping.
3rd & Final Payment: 25% Remaining Amount of Total Amount

Stage - 6

Shipping & Delivery: 2-3 Days

All our products are shipped through, insured logistics and are 100% safe. Standard shipping and delivery time.


Product Journey

This Program Schedule is a realistic time frame for the product which lists all the processes and stages its requires and will go through. It helps us keep the project on track to avoid any delays. We share this in advance with all our our clients to help them understand the process and stages their product goes through to come to life.  

We aim to please and work very hard to achieve the best in terms of quality in every aspect. 

In case of any delays or deviation from the plans, this program will enable us to we inform our clients well in advance. We have specified an approximate timeframe for your understanding and it may vary as per the design requirement. 

Some complex and intricate designs it take a little longer than estimated time frame which needs to be planned in advance.

To help you understand, kindly see below for an example.

Detailed Product Journey

Consultation & Drafting Design

Every design starts with a conversation and exchanging some ideas. Here, we get to know what inspires you and what kind of ring you are looking for your beloved. You can share reference images to help us understand your idea better.

We discuss a budget and a time-frame that mutually suits both the client and us. Accordingly we draft our design brief in detail, which assists us with a better clarity of your preferences and clear any possibility of misunderstanding from the beginning. This also, acts as an initial agreement between the client and us.

While defining a Design Brief, we specify all the important details like kind of designs and styles you like, your total budget for the product, the time frame you are looking at, the correct ring size, band profile and style; diamond’s and gemstone’s shape, color, clarity and carat, approx. dimensions of the product, and many more details…

Concept & Sketches

Inspired by you, after understanding your preferences and with assistance of details specified in the design brief, we develop some hand drawn concepts that outlines details in rendered sketches.

Drawing helps us conceptualise and bring original designs that are made just for you. We aim to give our best, to bring in creative insights and artistic styles that truly reflect you.

We schedule an appointment, where we present you these options and if required, make necessary alterations. Here, we assist you to choose and finalize the one concept that interests you the most, that will be “treasuring your Love & Story forever”…
We require 30% of the Quotation in Advance before we proceed with CAD drafting.

CAD Design

Once finalised, the hand drawn concept is further refined and drafted with accurate perfection on a computer aided designing software; a.k.a CAD software. This design draft specifies all the discussed details and is to scale.

A CAD design, helps us in creating an accurate pricing which will include approximate gold weight and rate; estimate number of diamonds and approximate carat weight and other details in terms of product dimensions like width and height, ring size and more…

We present four views which will help you in visualising and understanding the design from all angels like, Top View, Right Side View, Through Finger View and Perspective View.

If required, any alterations can be made at this stage before production.

CAM/ 3D Wax Model

On approval of the CAD design, we proceed with printing a 3-Dimensional Wax or Resin Master Model prototype, which is exactly to scale in respect to the original product. This 3-Dimensional prototype helps in visualising the look & feel of the original product with clarity.

We schedule an appointment at this stage, for you to see the prototype physically and try it on your finger. We also show you approximate diamond sizes. At this stage if required, you can make design alterations and if it is still not up to your expectation, then we can change the design concept and start from scratch only one time for free of cost. If the concept is changed again, additional drafting & designing charges will be applicable.

Request for a try at home, valid only in India.

Once approved, this 3-DWax Model prototype, we require 50% of the Quotation in Advance. On clearing of the payment we proceed to the next stage of Lost Wax Casting.

Lost Wax Casting

Once the wax prototype is approved, we require we proceed with Lost Wax Casting process to fabricate the prototype in a gold product. The metal cast are has generally smooth with matte finish and requires thorough refining, to bring out its detailed elements with perfect finish. All elements and delicate work requires fine eye for detailing and intricate craftsmanship.


Once the product is cast, we do thorough refining which includes filing, buffing, polishing to bring out all the elements and intricate details. Some of the design elements are partially hand crafted that requires delicate and intricate curling and twisting. This stage includes techniques like filigree, engraving and texturing that are very time consuming but we encourage our clients as it is worth the effort and brings out beautiful effect in the product.

Stone Setting

Once the product is fine tuned and refined up to our expectations, we proceed to Diamonds and Gemstones setting. This is a hand skilled process requires finesse that comes with an art of perfection.

We have a variety of setting styles for solitaire diamonds, side diamonds and accent diamonds. Each and every diamond is hand set securing it with perfection for a lifetime wear.


At this stage, the product is processed for final finishes and includes additional textures and detailing as per request. Some designs elements requires further detailing that have hand-engraved motifs, carved patterns, and detailed textures for surface finishes. This stage includes, buffing and polishing for smooth and perfect surface finish like high-gloss or rhodium or matte or sandblasted and many more… Some are blackened for an antique effect and some are simple high polished for a natural gold effect. We aim to bring out the desired effect and finesse of the metal.


We encourage our client to include 1-2 words for their beloved. By bestowing these words, you will summarize the journey and the true meaning of your ring. These words will make one of the key elements and true expression of your love along with ring.

Few words that are always going to be set in metal. It can be anything, a text or a logo or your initials or a symbol which meaningful for you. Just make sure it falls under 15 characters and we can convert it into a digital artwork and laser engrave it on the ring.


Every Rossia Jewel is authenticated by authorized hallmarking centres as per BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards, which is a government initiative for hallmarking gold jewellery. Their mark stamped ensures authenticity of Jewellery and customer’s trust and reliability.

The BIS Hallmark comprises of laser engraved symbols of BIS LogoPurity of Gold and Assay Center and Jeweler’s Mark (Rossia Logo).


Every Rossia Jewel is authenticated by third party gemological laboratory like  IGI- International Gemological Institute or EGL- European Gemological Laboratories to grade all the diamonds and gemstones, including Solitaire and Accent diamonds.

The certified solitaire diamonds comes with diamond certificate and has a laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond known as the Report Number. This number which is a unique series of digits for identification purposes is retained by most labs and are provided by GIA, IGI or HRD.

A diamond certificate is a diamond grading report created by a team of gemologists specifying the grading analysis of the diamond’s 4C’s- Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat along with dimensions and characteristics.

A Diamond Certificate is an indispensable tool that helps you evaluate and choose your diamond with confidence and convenience.

Its easily accessible by this number in their database, in case you misplace your report and need a replacement.

Quality Assessment

After the above stages are complete, we do one final quality assessment and check for any damages like scratches on the surface or loose stones during the course of hallmarking or certification. If there are any, we take measures to rectify that immediately. Once it meets our expectation, we prepare for dispatching.

Billing & Payment

We create invoice, document all certificates and share finished jewel images through our website. At this stage you have to clear the Remaining 20% of the Invoice Amount.

We prepare for shipping once the complete payment has been through.


We are honored to be a part of your journey and as a token of appreciation, we feel that this product journey should be captured from the beginning in form of a photo document. This way you can always cherish the transformation of your Rossia Jewel, see your dream design become reality…

Every piece of jewel is packaged and arrives at your doorstep in a wrapped and sealed for tamper-proof luxuriously packaged box. This box will comprise of the following…

  1. Carry Bag
  2. Ring Box
  3. Engagement Ring- The Rossia Jewel
  4. Diamond Certificate (Only Solitaire Diamond Certificate)
  5. Ring Certificate (Whole Ring Certificate)
  6. Invoice
  7. Journey Book (photo book documenting the product journey)
  8. Thank You Note
  9. Cleaning Cloth
  10. Travel Pouch

Shipping & Delivery

Once your payment is cleared we start our shipping process. Every piece of jewellery is fully insured by a reliable third party, who delivers at your doorstep. We request you to inspect the package for any tamper or damages before signing on any receipt.

We offer Free Shipping valid in India only.

For International Shipping, charges are applicable and are included in the quotation.

Share Your Story

We hope that your journey with Rossia will be the memorable one, that you will cherish forever. We too, would love to keep a memory of you and request you to Share your Story and be a part of our Client Diaries.

We will post this on our Journal of Client Stories with your couple picture and the Rossia Jewel, along with a few words by you about your experience with Rossia.

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