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Rossia Jewels Is An Atelier Of
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Fine jewellery usually comes at a hefty rates because of the added mark-ups. We believe you deserve the best rates without the sticker shock. No unnecessary charges or insane mark-ups.

We design and manufacture custom-made jewellery to bring your dream design to life. All you have to do is share your ideas and we will do the rest! Everything will be worked out backwards and manufactured according to your budget and specifications. 

Finest Jewellery, Fairest Prices!

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Together We Craft The Jewel From Sketch And Bring It To Reality

With intricate design elements and aesthetics, and manufacture it to our standards of excellence & perfection. We thrive on exploring new ideas and challenging concepts. We educate & guide our customers about the basics of jewellery, which helps them to make informed decision.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing bespoke gold, diamond and precious gemstones jewellery as per the budget in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt in yellow, white, and rose gold colors.

We excel in customizing products like multi-functional or detachable Necklace sets, Pendant sets, Earrings, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets, Kids Jewellery and other Accessories like Men’s Cufflinks, Tie-pins, Brooches, etc…

Our aim is to give a boutique experience of custom-made jewellery online with realistic and approachable service.

We Thrive On The Passion Of Design Your Own Jewellery
Because You Are A Part Of The Journey.

The Art Of Bringing Dreams To Life Using Custom-Made Engagement Rings

We specialise in planning, designing and manufacturing gold and diamond jewellery according to you requirement, without an extra cost!

Every design is a vision and our team aspires to create original and exquisite pieces hand crafted with intricate and detailed craftsmanship.

Custom-Made Engagement Rings process

Consulting & Designing Concept

CAD Design

3D- Wax Prototype


Final Product

Why Choose Rossia?

Concept Jewellery- Case Study

Why Choose Someone Else’s Expression Of Love,
When You Can Create Your Own Jewellery With Unique Designs
That Captures Your Love And Story Forever.

A True Family Heirloom.

After a deep conversation with our customers, we understand their requirement and develop an original concept for their jewellery derived from their story. Then we develop a 3-dimensional design on a software and share all the angles of the product. Post your approval we manufacture the original and actual jewellery. Here are a few examples of how we have transformed some of the concept jewellery for our customers.

Here are some of our custom-made concept jewellery examples that we have created for our clients, treasuring their love and stories forever.

Here's A Reference Of
Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Inspired From Couple's Name Initial's "AD"

Custom-Made Engagement Rings for couples

Create Your Own Expression Of Love!

Celebrate Your Love And Cherish Your Story With Jewels As Unique As You!
Made Just For You!
An engagement ring signifies a bond that binds two souls for eternity. A bond with love and everlasting magic of compassion. It’s the expression treasuring a promise of belonging to each other. Discover this passion with our extensive portfolio, where every engagement ring has a character, a personality, an exquisite originality skilled with design expertise and exquisite craftsmanship.

We have a step-by-step design process, that helps you figure out what you truly want in your jewel. Together we will craft the jewel from scratch with intricate design elements and aesthetics,  where you can be a part of the product journey.

At Rossia, we aspire to create this expression of love that personifies your bond. It is made to hold your promise, and your commitment and make your beloved feel cherished.

The best way to start designing your own jewel is signup and get started.

Get Your Design In Your Price with Custom-Made Engagement Rings!

Just Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Select Any Design
  2. Choose Gold Color– (Yellow/ White/ Rose)
  3. Choose Gold Purity– (14 kt or 18 kt)
  4. Choose Diamond Quality– (F-G-H-I / VVS-VS-SI)
  5. Approve Design & Estimate
  6. Pay Order
  7. Voila! Get Your Favourite Design In Your Budget!

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