A rare element on Earth, gold is found in ores, veins underground or in sandy riverbeds. It is sometimes combined with other metals or minerals.


The metal in a native state is also found in the form of free flakes, grains or larger nuggets that have been eroded from rocks and end up in alluvial deposits or surfaces. Once refined, 24kt Pure Gold is available in – Coins, Biscuits and Bars Forms. Furthermore, it is blended with other metals to craft jewellery.


The term “Karat”, is used for measuring gold purity. Since 24 Kt Gold is too soft to craft Jewellery, it is alloyed with a combination of metals like Silver, Copper, Nickel and Zinc to give it strength and durability along with hues of shades and luster.

More the alloy percentage blend with pure gold, more the jewel piece becomes stronger, scratch resistant and reasonable.


An alloy composition for strengthening of gold is made with durable metals like Zinc, Nickel, Silver and Copper along with a rhodium plating makes the jewellery sturdy and resistant to corrosion, rust, tarnish and good for daily wear.

We craft our Jewellery in 22 Kt, 18 Kt and 14 Kt.

Gold Color

The color of gold is based on the type of metal alloys combined with the percentage of each metal alloy.

Yellow gold is a natural gold color and its becomes strong, smooth and rich shine with color saturated alloys. Its alloys includes copper for hues of red and silver for hues of green. Its alluring color is a composition of carefully mixed pure gold with silver and copper.

White gold is the most preferred and popular color in gold for engagement rings. It comprises of pure gold blended with alloys that are white in nature like silver, nickel and palladium and is finished with an rhodium plating, which is a hard element and enhances its lustre. It is more affordable than platinum and very flexible for crafting intricate details, since its more durable and scratch resistant.

Rose gold is gradually weaving its way through women’s heart with its hues of pinkish- red and is popular with women who wants a traditional gold color with a pinch of romance. Its beautiful color is a blend of pure gold and majorly copper with few portions of silver. More the copper metal in the mix, more the gold color looks reddish. Gold becomes more durable due to copper’s strength and slightly more tougher than white and yellow for daily wear.

Gold Finishes

Every piece of jewellery production process includes adding of texture and detailing for surface finishes. We prefer to finish our Jewellery before quality marking with high polished & rhodium, sandblasted, brushed and matt. Some are finished with antique polish or blackening of the background area to bring out the essence of the inspiration and specialized effects.


BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards is a government initiative for hallmarking for gold jewellery. Their stamped mark ensures authenticity of jewellery and customer’s trust and reliability in their jeweler. All of our jewellery is hallmarked by government authorized hallmarking centers.

The BIS hallmark comprises of laser engraved symbols of BIS LogoPurity of Gold and Assay Center and Rossia Mark.

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