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Our Philosophy

Treasuring Your Love & Story Forever

At Rossia, We go an extra mile to bring together all the elements and crafting techniques that makes your jewel even more special.


“It means Rounak’S Shreeya (Sia); A tale that begins with Rounak; the love of my life… Rounak always supported my ambitions and truly believed in my potential. In the early stages, he gave me the right motivation and encouragement to share my solitary skill with the world. It is his love, courage and our beautiful bond that is treasured in Rossia.”

“That’s the foundation of our company. At Rossia, that’s what we cherish with every jewel. We believe in creating a jewel that
Treasures Your Love & Story Forever…” – Shreeya

Designs & Craftsmanship

“At Rossia, We go an extra mile to bring together all the elements and crafting techniques that makes your jewel even more special. Its not about the gold, diamonds or gemstones in a jewelry, they are just the aesthetics, it’s all about the concept that is derived from your story that makes an extraordinary jewel.”

“With every Rossia Jewel, we constantly challenge and push our technical boundaries with complex and unique designs. Every design has a vision and a team work of exceptionally skilled artisans to do justice to the each Jewel. Our team aspires to create original and is known for exquisite pieces hand crafted with intricate and detailed craftsmanship.” – Shreeya

Design Your Own Rossia Jewel

A Rossia Jewel is special because it is personalized by you and for you.

Our journey starts with your story and it truly is an honour for us to be part of your new beginning. We don’t just design and manufacture jewellery; we give our best to create a momentous and beautiful experience that you will cherish all your life.

All you have to do is share your ideas or any favourite memory or any meaningful motifs; symbols or any reference images and leave the rest to us. We will bring in original, unique, creative and artistic insight; inspired and made just for you. You will be pleasantly surprised, by the designs we can create, its flexibility for any kind of modifications and still everything will fall under your budget. We aim to come up with the best possible design solutions, by combine all the elements and details you love, to make it perfect for you!

Our Belief

Rings are an integral part of ancient honored traditions and over the years has been a custom in diverse religions and cultures around the world. The Romans and The Greeks believed that our fourth finger on the left hand has the “vein of love” that goes directly to the heart. For more than 3000 years, rings are the only form of jeweler, continuing with its original essence as engagement rings.

They believed a circle signifies eternity and has no end and that defines love. In those eras, when husbands used to go on wars and were away for months, the couples wore it to signify their love, commitment, loyalty & longing towards their beloved. Today also, everyone deals with different kinds of battles on a daily basis, where they forget to remember and cherish those moments that bonded them for life. That’s where our rings sneak in.

A Rossia Jewel is an expression of your Love & Story…

Our Mission

We aspire to be a part of every couple’s journey and transform their Story in a Jewel. To bring the era of romanticism alive, We aim to inspire you to Design Your Own Jewel.

All you need is the will to create, whether you are about to be Engaged; Couples renewing their Vows, Golden Anniversaries… No matter what the occassion or reason… we transform your story into a timeless jewel…

We are not salesman, we are pocket-friendly artists. Primarily Men-Friendly artists, as we keep their partners and pockets happy… 😉

Why Our Customers Love Us?

"This is one of the best Jewellery team to fulfill your wish of your perfect piece of jewllery that you have dreamt always. Approach Rossia with the utmost assurance to get the most amazing experience and a product you will cherish for a lifetime."
Shreya Pande
"Highly Recommended. Loved the custom made design services offer by Rossia Jewels. Thank you Shreeya Parikh and your team for making my sister Wedding jewellery experience unforgettable. Keep it up and see you soon."
Umesh Mishra
"Rossia Jewels is a new company with great energy and dynamism. This was my first time customizing jewelry, but I am assured that this definitely won't be the last time. 10/10 - would highly recommend. Wish Shreeya and her team the very best."
Kushan Chakraborty
"Fully satisfied with the output, got a really nice branded custom-made ring designed for my wife on our anniversay within my budget. Got step by step updates, delivery time is excellent. Highly recommended."
Gaurav Shrivastava
"Rossia is all about giving detail to the perfection of diamonds and Shreeya does everything by heart and her incredible skillset. Great job Team Rossia!"
Avani Naresh

Shreeya Parikh

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO at Rossia Jewels is a graduate professional from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), specializing in Jewelry Design & Precious Metals. She has worked with proficient pioneers of the Jewel Industry before founding Rossia Jewels.

Her passion to create, eye for detailing and love for intricate craftsmanship make each and every Rossia Jewel spectacular. Her first-hand exposure with Clients & Artisans has helped her forte the art of Bespoke Jewelry. She is personally involved in every custom made product from start to end. Be it Designing, to selecting crafting techniques, sourcing of diamonds & gemstones, managing fabrication & production of the custom jewelry till delivering the end product to the client.

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